Monthly Archives: August 2017

New Addition

  While he isn’t exactly a ferocious Pyrenees or Other livestock guardian breed Gus will be joining the workforce here. A Bernese Mountain Dog, Gus will have the size to hopefully keep many predators at bay as well as providing some cart pulling expertise when needed. If those don’t work Read On..

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First Nut Production

After a few years of patiently waiting the American Hazel shrubs have finally started producing nuts. While this year’s crop is just a few nuts, hopefully the future holds a larger bounty.

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Potatoes are another easy crop – other than the daily picking of Colorado Potato Beetles! Even though they are cheap to purchase, growing unusual varieties is the only way to get most. Potatoes can be hit or miss depending upon care provided and the weather. This year 9 varieties were Read On..

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