Seed Starting Rack

After a few years of experimenting a slightly different design was chosen. Most often the grow light fixtures are suspended on chains which lower or raise the lights as needed. After a few crushing slips, a different approach was needed.

After the basic rack was constructed, the lights were placed in a fixed position above the trays. To adjust the light height the idea is to raise or lower the trays rather than the lights. To do this boxes were made from 4”, 6”, and 8” boards. The trays fit snuggly inside the boxes while the bottoms rest on rails inside the rack base. To increase the space between plants and lights, smaller height boxes are used. The boxes can be used in various combinations to achieve an ideal height.

In the photo, the right side uses an 8+4 boxes for germinating seeds (which puts the lights at 1” above the seed tray. On the left are 6+4 boxes which gives about 2-1/2” for the plants.

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