Constructing the Potato Tower

To begin, obtain the following lumber: 2 – 2x3x8’, 2 – 2x6x8’ planks, 1 – 1x4x8’ board.

Cut as follows: cut 2×3 into 4’ lengths for vertical corners. Cut 2×6 into 24” lengths for bottom two rows of side boards. Cut 1×4 into 2 – 24” lengths plus 2 – 22.5 lengths for top side boards.

Assemble two sides as follows: Place two 2x6x24” side boards at bottom of vertical corners and one 1x4x24” top side boards at opposite end of verticals. Be sure that all side boards are squarely placed on verticals and that the entire side is square. Pre drill holes and attach the bottom 2×6 side boards with 3.5” construction screws on both verticals. Pre drill the 1×4 top boards and attach with 2” construction screws.

Repeat this construction to build an identical opposite side.

Set the two constructed sides opposite each other and fit a 2×6 side board flush with the ends of the 2x6s attached to the verticals. Again check for square before attaching. Attach one of the 1x4x22.5” top side boards making sure that everything remains square. Attach the second 2×6 side board, flush with the second 2×6 on the frame. Pre drill all screw holes to avoid splitting the wood.

Flip the frame over and repeats for the remaining side being sure to maintain everything square.

The next post details the growing season maintenance of the Potato Tower.

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