Potato Towers Preparation

After the various pieces were cut, the final assembly took place in the garden. In order to plant the potatoes, each tower base needed to get filled. The bottom layer will be 3 to 4” of loose straw. Some folks have planted directly on the straw but in this case the straw will hopefully trap a bit of moisture for the growing tubers.

Next up was a 1 to 2” layer of composed chicken manure and bedding to provide nutrients for the potatoes.

The last layer before planting was about 4 to 5” of finer, rock free top soil. Once the top soil was added, it was time to add the first new row of sideboards all the around each tower. After a couple of days of settling, the seed Potatoes will be placed on the topsoil and then covered with a mixture of peat, compost, and topsoil with a layer of straw mulch on top.

As the potatoes grow taller additional sideboards and more soil mix can be added.

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