Recycled Paper Hotcaps

Step One – Start with old sheet from newspaper

Step Two – Fold in half placing so fold is at top

Step Three – Fold top corners to center

Step Four – Fold bottom edges up on both sides

Step Five – Pick up cap, open via bottom opening and retold along seam from step 3, cross cross straight edges ( should end up looking like square)

Step Six – Fold crisscrossed corners up about 1/3 to 1/2 toward peak (depends on size of cap at this point)

Step Seven – Tear/cut peak to vent heat during day (looks like a volcano). To use, open cap, place over plant, bury the flat corners with soil to hold in place.

Once the weather warms and stablizes, caps can be removed or torn open to compost or just like the plant grow up through the vent hole. You should check them after and heavy rains in case the collapse onto the plant being covered.

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