Fluffybottom Farm & Homestead Plan

This map overview shows about 1/4 of the entire 10 acre homestead

Life is much easier when you have a plan. Farming and Homesteading are no different. Even before this blog was started Fluffybottom was working off from a plan. Back in the beginning, the plan was envisioned as a rolling five year plan with each year rolling out another year extension so that the action plans always pointed to the future.

The plan consists of several parts: Purpose, Vision, Goals and Priorities, Strategies, and Action Plans. While the Purpose and Vision have remained pretty much constant,  the other parts evolve over time. In an ideal world all the Action Plans are met every year and all the Goals are accomplished. Reality is much different. Transitioning isn’t just about accomplishments and success has to be measured by progress. Some years progress happens in some areas and in other years it’s other areas. By evaluating and restating Action Plans yearly, modifications become evident, Strategies may change, Priorities reordered, and progress becomes big picture rather than detailed.

Following links lead to the current Plan. Like all Plans it’s more or less complete but is always subject to evaluation and evolution.

Purpose and Vision

Priorities and Goals


Action Plans