Garden and Orchard


Of course, what successfully grows depends on the weather! Because these are foods that we eat in season, we don’t use sprays, pesticides, or herbicides. Consequently leafy vegetables may have insect damage, but are still quite good. The chickens and other livestock provide the bulk of nutrients and very little fertilizers are needed. We tend toward common varieties but like to grow lesser known varieties as well. A few crops are tested for the first time, so we can’t anticipate how they will do. In planning the year these crops are grown:

SPRING and EARLY SUMMER (mid May until July ) – leaf lettuces, salad greens, kale, spinach, salad turnips, radish, green onions, chives, peas, asparagus, salad micro greens

MID to LATE SUMMER (July until late August) – many Spring crops plus , beans, tomatoes, broccoli, various summer squash, garlic, sweet peppers, pac Choi, Napa cabbage,

LATE SUMMER to AUTUMN (late August until mid October) – many Spring and Summer crops plus, gourmet potatoes, onions, winter squash, pumpkins, cabbage