Just when I was getting the mower out!

Another 2” of snow. Hey Weatherman it’s April – where’s the April Showers?

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Not So Funny April Fools

Obviously the April 1st wasn’t funny enough for the weather people so yesterday and today they dumped another 8-10 inches of snow along with cold to very cold temperatures.  One year ago the garden was getting finished for the early Spring season. Sigh, maybe next week.

Go away snow and cold!


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A Small Project for Snowy Days


Matt, the Summer Farm Assistant, was available for a couple days of work so we got a few small projects underway. Gus, the wonder/demon dog, has entered the terrible teen dog stages and figure how to scale the only three foot section of his fence along the front of the cabin. A makeshift 4 foot fencing held him in temporarily but didn’t look the best. To clean it up a bit Matt built 4 foot panels of proper fencing to replace the multi 3’ 4’ welded wire fencing  . Unfortunately the snow and cold invaded before we could install the panels.

Additionaly he was able to clear the remain perimeter fence line so the last of that fencing can get installed if and when Spring does arrive.

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Not Again!

Spring weather is always a roller coaster ride and this year is no exception. Just when 99% of the snow was gone, temperatures into the 40s, and Spring thoughts were piling up, this happened. 


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2018 Season Begins

Tomato seedlings

The 2018 season is slow to start due to the Winter weather holding on for quite a while. The tomato starts we’re delayed for a couple of weeks because the greenhouse may not be ready to support them as early as it has in the past. Nights are still below freezing and days below 40.

Mathis year will hopefully have fewer infrastructure projects and increased production. There’s just a few smaller sections of fencing to finish, water capture updates, and some garden infrastructure to complete.

With some luck the weather will break by mid month so the work can begin in earnest.

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Oak Grove

One of the long term projects is to “re-establish” an Oak Grove on the property. Wherever Jack Pines are removed, Red and White Oaks germinate from the soil’s seed bed. Of course they’re never quite where they are wanted, so one project is to slowly transplant some smaller ones in order to create an Oak Grove. While they are slow growing and not the easiest trees to transplant by hand, they’ll make for some mighty fine shade for years to come.

This is one that was transplant three years ago. Every Fall wire cages are placed around them to protect them from rabbits, deer, and squirrels.

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Gus’ Company

Gus’ litter mate (Kaiser) came along with Matt for a visit. They were both excited to see each other and played all day while Matt and I got some work done.

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Play hard – Rest harder

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The calendar says it’s the start of Autumn, but the weatherman says Hold in there! Temperatures are high 80’s with high humidity too. Lucky the Cat hangs out indoors while 11 week old Gus hasn’t figured out its much cooler indoors.

Trying to stay cool

About the only work getting done early morning and late afternoon was the “new” orchard greenhouse got put together. Being less insulated it will be perfect for forcing bulbs and growing tree/shrub stocks to add to the landscape.

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Generous Friends

Friends Billy and Laura are in the throngs of having their place on the market in order to move closer to aging parents. In the process, they decided to not move the small greenhouse which was never assembled. As fortunes would have it, they gifted it to Fluffybottom. And so a new cold greenhouse will be ready to help maintain and expand the orchards.

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