Oak Grove

One of the long term projects is to “re-establish” an Oak Grove on the property. Wherever Jack Pines are removed, Red and White Oaks germinate from the soil’s seed bed. Of course they’re never quite where they are wanted, so one project is to slowly transplant some smaller ones in order to create an Oak Grove. While they are slow growing and not the easiest trees to transplant by hand, they’ll make for some mighty fine shade for years to come.

This is one that was transplant three years ago. Every Fall wire cages are placed around them to protect them from rabbits, deer, and squirrels.

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Gus’ Company

Gus’ litter mate (Kaiser) came along with Matt for a visit. They were both excited to see each other and played all day while Matt and I got some work done.

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Play hard – Rest harder

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The calendar says it’s the start of Autumn, but the weatherman says Hold in there! Temperatures are high 80’s with high humidity too. Lucky the Cat hangs out indoors while 11 week old Gus hasn’t figured out its much cooler indoors.

Trying to stay cool

About the only work getting done early morning and late afternoon was the “new” orchard greenhouse got put together. Being less insulated it will be perfect for forcing bulbs and growing tree/shrub stocks to add to the landscape.

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Generous Friends

Friends Billy and Laura are in the throngs of having their place on the market in order to move closer to aging parents. In the process, they decided to not move the small greenhouse which was never assembled. As fortunes would have it, they gifted it to Fluffybottom. And so a new cold greenhouse will be ready to help maintain and expand the orchards.

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Something Else New

Gus and Lucky the cat are far from friends as three year old Lucky is beyond the playful stage – his work is serious! One thing they do share is animal “watching”. This Red Squirrel poised on the pine to stare both Lucky and Gus down as they watched intently, but for different reasons.

Just after this photo, as Lucky crept closer, the hapless Squirrel decided to make a run for the border (fence). However, Lucky was faster! Fortunately for the Squirrel I was able to catch up to Lucky and release the young Squirrel before any damage was done to either combatant. Lucky does dispatch squirrels with as much cunning as he does the barn mice.

Gus was duly impressed.

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Something New

Having been from a “City dog” background, Gus was not too sure about these two “neighbors ” who came to visit. When he’s full grown I wonder if the reaction (on both parts) will be the same?

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Gus Arrives

And all feet!

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Apple Time

While frost signals the end for much of the garden crops, it starts Apple Season.

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New Addition


While he isn’t exactly a ferocious Pyrenees or Other livestock guardian breed Gus will be joining the workforce here. A Bernese Mountain Dog, Gus will have the size to hopefully keep many predators at bay as well as providing some cart pulling expertise when needed. If those don’t work out he’ll make a good companion, although Lucky the cat isn’t too impressed. More to follow when Gus arrives on Friday.

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