Priorities and Goals


The following items are the primary concerns and priorities for the success of the Homestead

Food, diet, & health
Shelter & landscape
Transport & communication
Safety & security
Money $ commerce
Skills & knowledge


1 Energy – to become energy independent relying on alternative sources and energy conservative
2 Water – to rely on natural water for non-household needs
3 Food – to produce, utilize and preserve a majority of food needs from organic, nonprocessed, whole ingredients
4 Shelter – to develop and utilize natural materials, processes and the environment as a permaculture based system
5 Garden – to create and maintain organic gardens and orchards
6 Livestock – to manage and improve breeding stock in a self-sustaining and natural system
7 Transport & Communication – to maintain a consistent level of transport and communication utilizing appropriate technologies
8 Safety – to develop appropriate emergency plans and procedures while maintains a sense of community
9 Money – to maintain financial security and utilize local economies
10 Skills & knowledge – to develop skills and knowledge leading to greater independence and resiliency