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Intensive Cropping

In the past, short season crops were only planted once or twice each season. That meant the crop was harvested, early, just right, and a bit past its prime. While this produced enough to eat and share it really wasn’t even approaching the full potential of the crops. After reflection, Read On..

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Cold, Debt and Incubation

The threat of all that snow stayed a bit to the north, but the temps have dipped instead. A few days into the teens and nights into the singles! A bit of snow has fallen but nothing beyond the expected. Every day is one day closer to Spring, warm weather, Read On..

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Snowmaggedon – Oh Nooooo!

With the 7 inches of snow from last night, what is the weatherman thinking? 19 – 29 inches possible! Why can’t it just be summer year round? Sigh, at least the tractor will get a mid Winter workout!

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Beginning the Orchard

While the front Orchard was one of the first things put in on the Homestead, it’s now time to expand with a proper Tree Orchard. Clearing the area began late last summer and there’s still some work to be done. On the other hand, supplies of available trees are highest Read On..

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Enough already

Just two weeks of Winter and it’s already overstayed its welcome! With temps looking to plunge for a day or two, let the melting begin! Compared to the last two Winters, it really should be hard to complain, but the cabin fever season is gaining a foothold.. Not even more Read On..

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