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Do these sunflower seeds make me look fat?

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Potato Towers Second Phase

Now that the potatoes have several weeks of growth, when it stops raining, it will be time for the Second Phase which is during the growing season. A mixture of straw, compost and soil will be added to each tower to bury the stems a bit deeper in order to Read On..

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Gus’ Plea to St Patrick

“St Patrick, please deliver us from these confounded snakes! They’re ill mannered, don’t want to play, stink, and taste terrible. Thank you. “

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Extra Slow Start

Crops in the ground include lettuces, beets, chards, kales, spinaches, carrots, radishes, turnips, and potatoes. Unfortunately the only signs of growth is from the Garlic which are going gang-busters.

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Recycled Paper Hotcaps

Step One – Start with old sheet from newspaper Step Two – Fold in half placing so fold is at top Step Three – Fold top corners to center Step Four – Fold bottom edges up on both sides Step Five – Pick up cap, open via bottom opening and Read On..

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Spring Omen

The scary sign that Spring has arrived. Idiots with matches.

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Potatoes Planted

The following are the potato varieties planted in the towers and in a field row: Variety (skin/flesh color) Days to Harvest Adirondack Blue (Purple/blue) 70-90 Mountain Rose (red/red) 55-90 Harvest Moon (Purple/yellow) 70-90 Adirondack Red (red/red) 55-90 Pinto Gold (red&yellow/ yellow) 90-110 Purple Sun (purple/yellow) 70-90 Red Norland (red/white) 55-70 Read On..

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Planting the Potato Towers

After a few days of settling, the towers are ready to plant. The decision was to plant six spots in each tower. If the seed potatoes were small, two were planted together – otherwise just one. The potatoes were covered with a compost, peat soil mixture about 4” deep. Lastly, Read On..

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Potato Towers Preparation

After the various pieces were cut, the final assembly took place in the garden. In order to plant the potatoes, each tower base needed to get filled. The bottom layer will be 3 to 4” of loose straw. Some folks have planted directly on the straw but in this case Read On..

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Constructing the Potato Tower

To begin, obtain the following lumber: 2 – 2x3x8’, 2 – 2x6x8’ planks, 1 – 1x4x8’ board. Cut as follows: cut 2×3 into 4’ lengths for vertical corners. Cut 2×6 into 24” lengths for bottom two rows of side boards. Cut 1×4 into 2 – 24” lengths plus 2 – Read On..

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