A Detour and an Introduction

This post is kind of a detour from the usual fare, but one that feels necessary. Here’s the back story. Over the past year and half, enough disruption has occurred that it was obvious time to think about legacy. Being the youngest in my family meant being everyone’s ultimate caretaker. January 2017 brought the unexpected death of my next brother at age 70. While his health was mediocre at best, it still was not expected as the precipitating event was a broken wrist. To complicate that event, he lived with our elderly mother and saw to her daily and immediate needs. Within a few short months it was obvious that her advanced age (97 years) at the time made it impossible for her to continue to live independently. Physically she was ok for her age, but her mind was beginning to provide her with difficulties. With her agreement she moved into assisted living. In November 2017,my oldest brother passed away. His health was borderline at best, but it took a traumatic head injury from a fall that precipitated his death. The final chapter came in March 2018 when my mother health (physical and mental) degraded enough that she passed away at 98 years old. All these events brought about the realization that our family line had one short branch remaining and that was me.

Farms and homesteads of all sizes face the same problem as the farmer or homesteader ages. That problem is legacy. Who will continue on with what we’ve  started. Most often that may fall to a spouse, child, or relative. For Fluffybottom none of these exist.  A few years back a friend’s great nephew began helping out at Fluffybottom during the summer and some school holidays. Over those last few years his interest in farming and homesteading has grown enough that it’s a serious consideration for him. While he still quite young (just 18 years), he realizes and worries about life will be like as he matures and ages. He values the ideals of Fluffybottom and values being well situated for the coming transitions as society struggles with the future. So in end, both my legacy and his future concerns can be met as he has become a full partner in Fluffybottom Farm and Homestead including the principles by which it operates.

And so this post is to recognize this new partnership and introduce Matt to the world as both my legacy and his involvement keeping Fluffybottom alive long into the future.

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